Programmatic In-housing vs Outsourcing – How to Make the Accurate Choice With Confidence

Bringing programmatic ad purchase in-house sounds deceptively easy. You choose a suitable platform, put together a team from other existing departments, get them to leverage the platform, and then make the switch from your outsourced agency to this, right?

We have to break it to you that the decision is more complex, and it takes more effort to not only make the right decision but also to execute it.

Here are three valuable considerations curated by ReBid to help navigate whether to switch from outsourcing to programmatic in-housing:

How do you check which option is cost-efficient?

Of course, a business needs to consider which strategy saves more money. But without a comprehensive assessment, you won’t know which one to go for. An in-house team can minimize costs to an extent.

When you outsource any component of your strategy, your fee covers various things. Naturally, this includes overhead costs, accounting, legal safety nets, and more. Some agencies also require you to enter into a revenue-sharing model.

Surely, an in-house team is less expensive?

Which model is more agile and transparent?

When you are outsourcing programmatic advertising, you might not have a 360° view of the progress your campaigns are making. But, with an in-house team, you will have more insight. And if you have a fully committed in-house team, then this insight will be unparalleled.

An additional concern – Will an external set-up be as swift to react as an in-house team might since they are not your OWN team?

Given all these considerations, in-housing programmatic is the right decision.

Is hybrid the right choice for me?

As per 2021 reports, almost 36% of businesses have adopted the hybrid model to get the best of both worlds. But again, there is no straightjacket formula related to what the “best” under each of the two categories is.

We can tell you this – the right platform and execution partner can go a long way in helping you in-house programmatic or its components with confidence.

What Next?

Naturally, taking programmatic in-house can feel daunting. Of course, there are too many moving pieces. And, asking the questions is instrumental to making the right decision.

So, ready to allow ReBid to take away the decision paralysis? Reach out to us, and we will help you with a personalized blueprint to help you pick the optimal choice for YOUR business.


Sonali Malik

Sonali has over 8 years of experience accounting for 4 years in IT and 4 years in Product strategy and partnerships. She has deep understanding of the programmatic advertising space and is driving that into creating A state of Art DSP for RD&X Network. She has dynamically led product development for multiple verticals including programmatic advertising, consumer durables, online platforms to facilitate delivery and warehouse operations in her overall career.

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