Revolutionize Retail with Personalized Engagement

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Catch Their Eye: Product Intent Targeting

Re-engage visitors who browsed products but didn't purchase with targeted browser push notifications and follow-up messaging sequences.

Product Intent

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Seize the Moment: Exit Intent Strategies

Capture leads at the critical moment of exit intent with interactive forms and initiate follow-up SMS campaigns offering seasonal incentives.

Exit Intent

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Remind & Reclaim: Cart Abandonment

Prompt customers to complete purchases with multi-channel reminders, including email, SMS, and highly specific Google ad remarketing.

 Cart Abandonment

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Unveil Opportunities: Promotion Discovery

Engage customers with real-time app notifications and personalized emails, highlighting bundled offers and loyalty redemption opportunities

Promotion Discovery

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Maximize Value: Cross-Sell/Up-Sell

Enhance on-site recommendations with WhatsApp messages for existing customers, offering complementary products or services.


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Instant Connect: Contact Center Integration

Facilitate immediate outreach with real-time triggers to contact centers, supplemented by automated WhatsApp messages offering customer support.

Real-Time Contact Center

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Loyalty Amplified: Membership Programs

Deepen engagement with targeted emails that outline the benefits of loyalty programs, featuring member testimonials and redemption stats.

Membership Programs

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Encourage Loyalty: Repeat Purchases

Motivate repeat buying with personalized homepage banners and targeted Google ad campaigns, featuring previously purchased products.

Repeat Purchases

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Elevate Your Retail Strategy with ReBid

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