An actionable Guide for retail Brands to unlock their ad Platform Ecosystem

The previous few years have seen a considerable evolution in retail media. With the COVID-19 pandemic, people are choosing to purchase online from the comfort of their couch rather than going to a store.

Retailers are now gathering more first-party data than ever, which can be utilised to provide better shopper experiences, as a result of consumer behaviour that is becoming more and more digital-first.

A retailer’s customer knowledge is only one piece of the puzzle. A retailer knows what products an individual is considering, but often knows nothing about their interests and hobbies. The need of hour has come where retailers need to have a cohesive view of their customers to create better customer experiences.

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  • Addressing the most pressing needs in Retail Advertising
  • Winning with retail ad platform – the best practices
  • Getting started with building your retail ad platform
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