Product Update

AI-Enabled Media Planner

Achieve complete automation and optimization of your media buying efforts like planning and execution of your Media Plans which includes setting up objective, budgets, goals, scheduling, targeting and others across platforms, with ReBid’s unique self evolving AI.

Cross-Parameter Optimization

Put your Campaign creation on Auto-pilot and let ReBid’s AI allocate budgets, choose the channels and ad formats which will bring you maximum ROAS as well as launch campaigns that meet your goals based on the Media Plan parameters.

Continuous Evolution

ReBid’s AI will keep working in the background and optimize your campaigns periodically after launch, to ensure you are well on track to reach your advertising goals.

AI-Enabled Automated Performance Predictor & Optimizer

Let your media buying efforts be guided by ReBid’s AI, which provides recommendations in the form of Smart Prompts to optimize your campaign performance and improve ROAS, both for individual campaigns or a group of campaigns across platforms given your advertising goals.

AI Predictor

ReBid’s AI also helps predict outcomes of your campaigns for their CTR, clicks and impressions across different platforms, given current strategy, providing you the 360° insights you require.