CMO Guide: How to Build a Marketing Automation Stack to Maximize ROI

As the world faces the prospect of a global recession and budgets continue to tighten, it is more important than ever to maximize roi by finding ways to do more with less. One solution to this challenge is marketing automation, which streamlines various marketing tasks, such as customer acquisition, retention, winback campaigns, and ROI-driven campaigns.

Marketing automation has become an essential tool for businesses, providing a wide range of benefits that can help marketers reach their goals. However, many marketers only use its basic features, such as personalized email greetings, without realizing its full potential.

To help marketers take full advantage of marketing automation, we have created an ebook that guides you through the creation of a high-performing marketing automation tech stack. This ebook provides tips and strategies on how to optimize automation for maximum efficiency, so that you can maximize roi and reach your marketing goals. 

Topics covered in this ebook include:

  • The rise and rise of marketing automation
  • What is marketing automation: Definition and types
  • What does marketing automation really solve?
  • Why B2C marketing automation is stuck in the 1990s
  • How to maximize your B2C marketing automation ROI
  • Marketing automation like it’s 2023 with ReBid

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