The complete CDP Guide: All you Need to Know

Data drives organisations, and the marketing functions stand to benefit the most from using this data to inform their decisions. Customer data is now more fragmented than ever due to the advancement of martech, enterprise and consumer technologies, and other pertinent platforms.

Due to the inherent data silos in organizations, businesses have continued to either make decisions based on their gut or incomplete data. When enterprises use fragmented data sets in their decision-making processes, they base their decisions on vague insights.

This is where a CDP, or customer data platform, may help. Businesses and marketers have found CDP to be a potent tool for enabling data-driven decisions across the board. In this whitepaper, we share the complete guide about the customer data platform & the steps needed for adopting it.

Key points covered in the guidebook:

  • What exactly is a CDP, and what does it do?
  • Why your business needs a CDP -the vital benefits
  • One size does not fit all – the diverse CDP types and Use Cases
  • Build Vs. Buy – how should I start my CDP journey?