Data Backup Policy

RD&X Network Backup Policy describes how often operational and other customer data is backed up. All original (non-derived) customer data on infrastructure operated by RD&X Network should be backed up. 


RD&X Network performs complete database backups periodically of all customer classified data stored by us on our cloud services provider. Please refer to RD&X Network Process Configuration for details on the required frequency of database backups. 

If a database instance is intentionally deleted by RD&X Network staff in order to achieve a business objective, all associated backups should also be deleted. Database backups may only be deleted by System administrators of our infrastructure account. 

Backups are periodically restored and tested by the RD&X Network engineering team. Non Compliance 

RD&X Network staff who violate this policy may face repercussions in proportion to the impact of their violation. RD&X Network management will determine how serious a staff member’s offense is and decide the appropriate penalty. Penalties may include 



Suspension or termination for more serious offenses. 

Detraction of benefits for a definite or indefinite time. 


If you have any questions regarding this policy, please reach out to: Prabhat Kumar at (