Data Retention Policy

Sometimes, RD&X Network customers may request deletion of data that belongs to them, from RD&X Network systems. This policy outlines the provisions we provide for customers to make such requests and describes how such requests are to be handled.


This policy is applicable to:

  1. Data that is classified as Customer-classified as per the Data Classification Policy
  2. Data that is requested to be deleted belongs to the customer making the request
  3. Data that resides in RD&X Network systems. Specifically, data that resides in third party services that are not managed and hosted by RD&X Network are excluded from this policy
  4. Data that resides in RD&X Network products or services that are in testing, alpha/beta state, or an early access program


  1. By default, RD&X Network stores its customer’s data indefinitely. For efficiency and cost reasons, it may choose to delete the customer’s data at any point after the customer contract ends.
  2. RD&X Network regularly backs up customer data per Data Backup Policy. 
  3. RD&X Network may provide the option for customers to delete data after their subscription ends. This request must be made by the customer, and RD&X Network may require additional verification to authenticate the identity of the customer making the request. RD&X Network will delete all information from currently-running production systems within a time limit specified in our RD&X Network Process Configuration. 
  4. Once deleted, a customer’s data cannot be restored. 

Non Compliance

RD&X Network staff who violate this policy may face repercussions in proportion to the impact of their violation. RD&X Network management will determine how serious a staff member’s offense is and decide the appropriate penalty. Penalties may include



Suspension or termination for more serious offenses.

Detraction of benefits for a definite or indefinite time.


If you have any questions regarding this policy, please reach out to: Prabhat Kumar at (