Financial Services Marketing Playbook: Proven Strategies to Boost ROAS & Save Time this recession

Brands in the financial sector, in particular, have frequently found it difficult to remain relevant and keep up with the rate of advertising and marketing evolution. This is because of the industry’s strict regulatory requirements in advertising. Now with the coming recession, the means to reach the customers is going to cause more bottlenecks.
Both financial services and ad and marketing ecosystems are at risk from a severe recession in the world’s top economies, rising inflation rates, and supply chain disruptions. This can be a problem as financial brands need to constantly engage with their customer across all ad channels to stay in their minds.
But there is a catch! With data, the right tech partners who understand the specialised needs of the financial services business & the right strategies, financial services brands can boost ROAS and save a significant amount of time while advertising this recession.
In this whitepaper we will cover:
  1. Step-by-step ways to increase customer trust during this recession
  2. Why does the financial services industry need to relook into its advertising workstream for 2022 and beyond?
  3. The way forward for BFSI marketing: 2x ROAS at half the time and cost
  4. The complete solution to save time, boost ROAS, and be the better marketer this recession season