Understanding and Leveraging the Power of CM360’s Advanced Analytics on ReBid

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Understanding and Leveraging the Power of CM360’s Advanced Analytics on ReBid

ReBid is a distinctive platform with a number of benefits that enable marketers to precisely traffic and track cross-device and cross-channel ad performance in a sophisticated and efficient manner.

Gain access to a dashboard that you can configure to track every last one of your digital marketing activities through a single interface. Utilize a single UI to manage your spending and analyze your KPIs.

We’ll go through what Campaign Manager 360 is in this article, why you should use it as your ad server, and how to leverage the power of CM360 on ReBid for advanced reporting.

Demystifying Campaign Manager 360: What You Need to Know

Campaign Manager 360 (CM360), formerly known as DoubleClick Campaign Manager or DCM, is Google’s integrated platform for sophisticated ad-serving, measurement, and reporting. For advertisers that traffic and track their ads using the platform, CM360 offers a number of distinct benefits thanks to native integration across the Google Marketing Platform and now on ReBid too!

Leading companies are 1.5X as likely as mainstream companies to have an integrated marketing and advertising technology stack.

Source: Think With Google

Knowing ReBid

Data-driven marketers are empowered by a unified MADTech intelligence platform for omnichannel activation, measurement, and automation.

The most comprehensive advertising, marketing, and reporting tool, ReBid, integrates with numerous media partners. Having all of your agency’s data or a particular brand`s data on one platform not only simplifies things but also gives agencies and brands incredible strength, power, and confidence to convey it to their respective clients or CMOs by account and brand managers respectively.

You won’t ever have to worry about switching between different platforms to handle your digital advertising and marketing campaigns thanks to ReBid’s connections across search, social, programmatic, ad servers, commerce, email, and more.

ReBid’s Steps to Success:

Let’s imagine that a parent business wants to establish a structure for all the brands it owns. They will initially request the naming of an Account depending on the parent firm.

Next, the brands that are affiliated with the Account (Parent Company) would be included under Advertisers.

Media Plan: 

We can now move forward with mapping CM360 campaigns under Media Plans after adding Account and Advertiser.

ReBid is made to be intelligent and effective. Practically any process can be automated using our rule engine, and if there are any repetitive tasks that you are unable to automate, just let us know and we’ll come up with a solution.

Effective user governance, as ReBid’s succinctly put it, guarantees that business-critical data stays in the organization’s control while also enabling users to operate as efficiently as possible inside a specific IT infrastructure for the duration of the provided time frame.

4 Advantages of leveraging the power of CM360 on ReBid for advanced reporting

Campaign Manager 360 (CM360), formerly known as DoubleClick Campaign Manager, is a platform from Google for ad-serving, measurement, and reporting. It is integrated with Google Marketing Platform and now ReBid. ReBid is a MADTech intelligence platform for omnichannel activation, measurement, and automation, integrating with various media partners. By integrating CM360 with ReBid, marketers can manage their campaigns on a single platform, control campaign-building strategies, target audience, and ad rotation, and enable event tags. The integration also provides data-driven creativity using Studio, the creative asset creation tool of Google Marketing Platform, and data signals from Floodlight Activities. CM360 and ReBid integration offers targeting and reporting across channels and devices and unified tracking and reporting.

Utilizing CM360’s power on ReBid for enhanced reporting has the following benefits:

Enterprise-wide, integrated trafficking, and clever ad-serving

Campaign Manager 360 uses Floodlight Activities as the primary tracking and measurement tool across the various GMP products, all of which can be created and managed through the CM360 interface. Floodlight Activities have a native integration across the rest of the Google Marketing Platform, including Display & Video 360 (DV360), Search Ads 360 (SA360), and Studio.

ReBid and CM360 integration give marketers and campaign specialists a unified platform to manage their campaigns, enabling them to control the following elements of their cross-channel campaigns:

  • Campaign building strategies
  • Whom would you like to run campaigns for?
  • When would you run campaigns?
  • What kind of campaigns would you run? 
  • From managing campaign creatives to landing pages 
  • From floodlight setup to managing the activities 
  • Control of target audience and ad rotation 
  • Enabling event tags so that other platforms can record impressions and clicks

Campaign Manager 360’s connection with Studio and integration with ReBid enables data-driven creativity.

Advertisers can use a variety of different data signals from Campaign Manager 360, including Floodlights, to influence a Studio generated Dynamic Creative template with various creative aspects when serving advertisements. Studio is the creative asset and rich media creation tool of the Google Marketing Platform.

By using a Dynamic Creative template to automatically customize your creative at scale based on your chosen data signals, you can control hundreds or thousands of various creative sizes, layouts, and variations in a single Google Sheets document, streamlining the creative process and leading to lower creative costs.

Floodlight Activities may also supply the first-party data needed to, not only fuel the data signals for your creativity but also to give you a competitive advantage because the first-party data acquired is specific to an organization. This is another one of CM360 & the GMP’s fundamental competencies.

Targeting and Reporting across channels and devices

You can use and manage Floodlight audiences from Campaign Manager 360 across a variety of various inventory, channels, and devices available for targeting in Display & Video 360 thanks to native integrations connecting CM360 to the Google Marketing Platform (DV360).

And now that ReBid has the flexibility to integrate all of the aforementioned platforms, it can obtain unified reporting for DCM conversion reports from standard to floodlight in a single dashboard.

Unified Tracking and Reporting

Marketers and publishers can utilize the programmatic advertising platform CM360, which is cloud-based, to control and monetize their digital ad inventory. The platform includes tools for creating and managing marketing campaigns as well as for tracking outcomes and performing data analysis.

One of CM360’s key benefits is the reporting functionality, which provides in-depth, real-time insights into campaign effectiveness. This can help advertisers and publishers optimize their campaigns for better outcomes and higher effectiveness.

Last but not least!

Why should you consider ReBid on CM360 integration

  • Advertisers have complete freedom to receive AdServer reports any way they choose thanks to ReBid’s Data Reports and Advanced dashboard.
  • All reports, from standard to floodlight to conversion-based, are available in one location. (Include sophisticated stats and dashboards)
  • Walled Gardens with Ad Server Reports could only be combined in Excel sheets. ReBid makes it easy to combine Ad Server Reports with Walled Gardens, which was previously only feasible with Excel Sheets, and offers a unified view of all the Demand Partners.


  • With the help of our rules engine, you may process data automatically and extract reports. If there are any repetitive tasks that you are unable to automate, just let us know, and we’ll create a solution specifically for your AdServer reporting needs.

ReBid operates under a uniform framework, which makes everything easy.

By putting everything else aside and concentrating just on campaign management and reporting, we may gain an insight into the shocking amount of time your staff wastes on manual labor each day in tasks that are easy to automate, such as campaign setup, tracking tag development, performance optimization, and spreadsheet and report compilation.

ReBid might be the perfect tool for you! Start optimizing your workflow and maximizing your results today by clicking here!

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