Every CMO's ultimate AdTech & MarTech guide for the MadTech Era

Adtech and Martech have become buzzwords in every marketing discourse in recent years. Because digital ad spending is skyrocketing, understanding these concepts, products, and impacts is critical. But, more importantly, finding common ground between the two and chances to unify them as a whole (MADtech) for improved ROAS and ROI on tech investments is vital.
With the impending abolition of third-party cookies, there is even more incentive for your Adtech and Martech stacks to work in tandem in order for your advertising and marketing to perform well and seamlessly. But, given the sheer amount of tools in these stacks, it’s even more essential to identify redundancies between them every time you invest in a new one.
This guide takes you through the fundamentals of Adtech and Martech and brings proven advice on unifying your tech stack for better results. Here is what we will cover:
  1. An introduction to the brand-new advertising and marketing tech stack
  2. Traditional differences between Adtech and Martech
  3.  Adtech and Martech are starting to converge: why this is a critical trend for CMOs
  4. Becoming truly MADTech- step by step guide to build your ideal Adtech + Martech stack