Cross Channel Adertising

Cross Channel Advertising Reports for Quick CXO Decisions

Every CXO office is a place of action. A decision-making machine. A place where the final accountability of running a business well and employee and customer empathy meet each other. The gap between the data CEOs need to make choices and what they actually receive has not closed in the previous ten years, according to recent research from the Global CEO Survey published by PWC . How does every CXO then understand what’s happening in the organization, achievements, roadblocks, and marketing ROI – all of it, with the same 24 hours in hand like the rest of us do?

ReBid Buy makes every CXO decision faster, more effective, and insight-obsessed with the CXO Summary View.

ReBid’s CXO-level reporting dashboard, Summary View, consolidates all important metrics and insights in a single interactive and informative cross channel advertising dashboard for the C-suite. So CXO decisions no longer have to rely on unending PowerPoint decks or hundreds of Excel rows.

This CXO Dashboard depicts the crux of digital advertising channel performance and aggregates the bigger picture. CXOs achieve a summary overview visualizations to demonstrate the time period, platform, metrics drill-down and data trends. Ultimately, this enables faster and better marketing budget decisions.

The Summary View has options to choose between channel, creative, device, and keyword performance to deliver predefined dashboards with all the crucial metrics in a single view.

Why every CXO needs the Summary View

  • One-click visibility into ad & marketing performance.
  • Readily available cross-channel advertising insights 
  • Intuitive performance data and trends visualization 
  • In-depth drill-down to specific campaigns, metrics, conversions, and more

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