Maximize ROAS Across 20+ Ad Platforms from a Single Dashboard with ReBid’s AI Assistant

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Maximize ROAS Across 20+ Ad Platforms from a Single Dashboard with ReBid’s AI Assistant

As the advertising landscape rapidly evolves, the sheer volume of adtech available is increasing exponentially, adding complexity to the already challenging task of analyzing and optimizing campaigns across multiple platforms. Real-time analysis is crucial for campaign effectiveness and generating ROI, which can make this process even more daunting.

That’s where ReBid’s GPT-based AI assistant comes in. This allows advertisers to ask natural language questions and receive comprehensive insights across multiple metrics dimensions, giving advertisers the ability to analyze and optimize their campaigns on the go without sacrificing valuable time on manual analysis. With our AI assistant, optimizing campaigns for success has never been easier or more efficient.

The AI assistant is built on the latest GPT technology, which enables it to understand natural language and provide highly accurate insights based on past campaign data. This means that advertisers can ask the assistant a question in plain English and receive a detailed and actionable answer in seconds. Whether they want to know which platforms are performing best or which keywords are driving the most conversions, the AI assistant can provide the answers they need.

Customers will be able to access insights across platforms such as Google, Meta, Twitter, LinkedIn, DV360 ads, and other programmatic platforms, making it easier to compare and optimize their ad spend. No longer will advertisers need to spend hours manually analyzing data from multiple platforms. With the AI assistant, they can get a comprehensive overview of their entire advertising ecosystem in just a few clicks.

With just a few prompts, advertisers will be able to access deep insights that would have previously taken days or even weeks to uncover. This will enable them to make more informed decisions about how to allocate their ad spend and achieve better results.


The benefits of the new GPT powered AI assistant go beyond just speed and accuracy. It also enables advertisers to ask more complex and nuanced questions that would have been impossible to answer using traditional analytics tools. For example, they can ask the assistant to identify patterns and trends in their data or to predict the performance of new campaigns based on historical data. These insights can help advertisers make more informed decisions about how to allocate their advertising spend across different channels and campaigns, based on factors such as audience demographics, keyword performance, and ad placement. By leveraging these insights, advertisers can optimize their campaigns more effectively, leading to better results and a higher return on investment (ROI).

ReBid’s GPT-powered AI Assistant Scales Your Campaigns Across Search, Social, Programmatic, E-commerce & MMPs

The new GPT-powered AI assistant is part of ReBid’s ongoing commitment to providing its advertisers with the best possible advertising solutions and helping them achieve their business objectives through effective advertising strategies and scale campaigns across 20+ platforms across search, social, programmatic, e-commerce, and MMPs all in a single dashboard. This means that advertisers can access all the data and insights they need to make informed decisions about their advertising campaigns in one place.

That’s not all!

ReBid also offers an AI-powered media planner to greatly assist with planning and creating effective campaigns for the automotive industry. With the help of this feature, advertisers can gain valuable insights into their target audience and develop campaigns that are tailored to their specific needs and interests.

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, ReBid’s media planner can analyze vast amounts of data to identify key trends and patterns in audience behavior. This allows advertisers to make informed decisions about which channels to use, which messaging to employ, and which offers to promote, all while ensuring that their campaigns are optimized for maximum performance.

ReBid also provides real-time live analysis of media campaigns, which enables advertisers to monitor campaign performance across multiple platforms and make adjustments in real time. With dynamic bid optimizations, conversion rate optimization, and automated budget allocation to top-performing campaigns, channels, and ad sets, advertisers can optimize their campaigns to achieve better results and higher ROI. ReBid also gives real-time notifications through AI-powered smart recommendations that help you quickly identify and address inefficiencies and waste in your campaigns, potentially saving you a significant amount of money with just one click.

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