Ad tech Trends every marketer should follow in 2022

Key Ad Tech Trends to follow in 2022 for every marketer

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Key Ad Tech Trends to follow in 2022 for every marketer

2022 will be another exciting year in the ad tech ecosystem. After a year of growth in programmatic, video marketing, hyper-personalized content and more, 2022 promises to offer even more excitement. We bring you the Ad Tech trends every marketer should follow in 2022.

This year will be all about prioritizing the privacy of your customers. You will also need to squeeze every last bit of utility out of your data collection practices. Making customer identity the centre of your marketing efforts will be critical.

Here are five ad tech trends to follow for every marketer in 2022 for better ROAS:

Ad Tech trends to follow

1) Preparing for the farewell of third-party cookies

Google has rolled out another potential alternative to third-party cookies with its Topics API. This will be a privacy sandbox allowing for contextual advertising. These ads will be based on the topics in a user’s browser history for a particular week. Users will have the option to disable the feature and police which topics are being shared with advertisers. Naturally, this will allow users to truly control their data. As a result, advertisers will have a middle-ground solution. They can still collect plenty of data, but more safely.

Third-party cookies will not phase out until 2023. Yet, brands and marketers must start preparing to use first-party and second-party data. Tremendous innovation awaits adtech space. This will help marketers become far more data-driven and customer-centric than ever before.

2) Amping Up First-Party Data

With simply an online presence or a dedicated customer care department, brands are collecting a lot of data from their customers and site visitors.

One can synthesise all this information using customer data platforms (CDP). CDPs will help brands build intimate connections with consumers. Consequently, this will drive ad returns.

Moreover, first-party data is as authentic as a data source can get without impinging on users’ privacy. So, isn’t it a resource worth investing in?

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3) Giving CTV The Attention It Deserves

Ads through Connected TV (CTV) have allowed brands to disrupt the entertainment space. Smart TVs and gaming consoles now have contextual ads without resorting to old-school commercials. The pandemic brought more people than ever in the constant company of their smart TV. This accelerated the growth of CTV advertising while ensuring high completion rates. All because CTV ads cannot always be skipped.

With CTV, you can target channels where your target audience hangs out. You can easily identify this through robust data collection. Further, the audience that has a CTV is only going to grow in the coming years. So, it would be prudent to set it up as an advertising channel for your brand.

4) Emphasising Identity Resolution and Collaboration

Brands need to shift their understanding when it comes to identity resolution. Sure, it helps build customer profiles. It also brings unknown website visitors within the fold of your targeted advertising. Further, it ensures consistent messaging.

None of this should be at the cost of your consumers’ privacy. Otherwise, you are only putting a dampener on your efforts in the long term.

It will not be easy to collaborate to develop identity solutions that maintain the development of consumer profiles. Addressability is a challenge.

Brands should consider testing all available identity marketing solutions. They need to find one that works best in a privacy-forward environment

5) Giving Programmatic In-House a Real Chance

Programmatic was the hottest trend in 2021. But there is more work to be done. With programmatic helping you set up your CTV and other advertising channels, brands should consider going in-house.

When you outsource, you give up considerable visibility of the behind-the-scenes. But it is here where you learn the lessons you need to tweak your campaigns. So, why not create an internal unified media console for your entire digital campaign framework?

Relying on an external team to react in real-time is not practical. So, once you have discovered the wonders of programmatic, it’s time to set up a team for it.

As we progress into the 2nd quarter of 2022, if you as a marketer is even able to follow through on one of these ad tech trends then your creating a good recipe for success. Here is another list of ad tech trends to follow.

Ready for a Year of High Returns?

Staying abreast of these fast-paced trends need not be a solo task. An adtech partner can put you at the forefront of all of the above and much more. Don’t believe us? Book a demo to see how your ad returns can skyrocket.

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