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Google’s latest search product SGE announcement

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Google’s latest search product SGE announcement

We recently covered Google’s announcement about the latest search product SGE. In this blog, we have deep dived on the effects it will have on marketing as we know it today and how marketers have to up their game even more. The emergence of this latest search product SGE, undoubtedly presents an alluring proposition, but it is crucial to recognize that its implementation will inevitably have dire consequences. 

Google as we know now, is changing 

Currently, when individuals conduct searches on Google, they embark on a journey of visiting multiple websites, meticulously gathering information, and synthesizing it. While this process may be somewhat cumbersome for the user, it remains the lifeline for survival for many websites. However, with the introduction of the “innovative” Chatbot-like interface, Google assumes the role of the ultimate arbiter, bypassing these primary sources and depriving them of their rightful place in the equation, which the websites worked extremely hard over the years to build for themselves. As a result, the already tenuous digital publishing industry must brace itself for the impending fallout.

By  taking it upon itself to perform the “heavy lifting,” Google effectively marginalizes the very entities it once relied upon. Rather than allowing users the freedom to explore a multitude of websites and form their own opinions, Google consolidates power in its hands, reducing the influence and viability of independent sources. This monopolistic tendency raises serious concerns about the company’s commitment to fostering a diverse and robust online ecosystem.

The uphill task for digital publishers just got more steep

The ramifications of this unilateral decision by Google are far-reaching and deeply troubling. The digital publishing business, which already faces an uphill battle in an increasingly competitive landscape, must now confront the additional burden imposed by this search product. As primary sources are relegated to the sidelines, their revenue streams and survival are imperiled. Countless publishers, journalists, and content creators who rely on user traffic for sustenance now find themselves in a bad pickle. 

What does the latest search product SGE Announcement entail for a marketer?

In the wake of Google’s latest search product SGE announcement, marketers must confront the potential consequences and adapt their strategies accordingly. While the allure of convenience and quick answers may seem enticing, relying solely on generic answer content will prove futile in the long run. As the ability to ask for answers becomes increasingly effortless, the friction and gatekeeping of such content lose their effectiveness.

Content was always and will remain, the KING 

To thrive in this evolving landscape, brands must embrace a paradigm shift towards deeper and more substantive content. Thought leadership that offers genuine insights and employs clear and well-structured narratives will become increasingly invaluable. The replication of such content will be far more challenging, setting it apart from generic answers that can be easily duplicated.

Moreover, the development of content with a consistent voice or by notable creators will gain heightened importance. Establishing a distinct brand identity and leveraging the credibility of renowned individuals will help marketers break through the noise and establish a stronger connection with their audience.

Looking ahead and creating forward-looking content will serve as a better defense against competition than merely focusing on “how-to” content. By providing visionary perspectives, anticipating future trends, and offering unique insights, marketers can build a more resilient moat around their brand.

AI – the progressive way 

It is worth noting that the need for these shifts in strategy should not be solely driven by the perceived threat of AI. Instead, it is a natural progression that aligns with the evolution of marketing strategies. Those who invest in producing high-quality, in-depth content will find themselves well-protected even as AI renders low-quality content redundant.

Ultimately, the essence of great marketing lies in convincing an audience rather than capturing them. Building strong relationships, fostering trust, and delivering valuable and thought-provoking content will be the keys to success in this ever-changing digital landscape. By embracing these principles and adapting to the shifting dynamics, marketers can position themselves for long-term growth and resilience in the face of emerging challenges.

We at ReBid do believe that AI is going to change the way we know marketing. All our optimization features are powered by GPT based AI. It helps marketers to get actionable insights and achieve better ROAS for their campaigns. We also have powered media planning with AI and automated the process for faster execution.

After the latest search product SGE announcement, Google is set to do more announcements this week of May 2023. We will soon blog about it and keep you updated. In the meantime, do look out for our next blog on Google Ads Transparency Center.

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