Swamil Mahajan

Swamil Mahajan

A Product & Data Science professional with 6+ years of experience in building AdTech & Martech products from concept to launch. Swamil is committed to leverage interdisciplinary research, analytics, data science and human capital to build world class products, solutions and teams. He has vast experience in assisting clients in their digital advertising & marketing journey through data-driven approach towards product development, strategic in-campaign optimizations, analytics and solutioning, enabling non linear business growth. Swamil has led multiple teams to deliver customer analytics and scalable programmatic solutions for leading Fortune 500 companies leveraging vivid application of data Science and machine learning. At ReBid, Swamil works as Senior Product Manager for ReBid Insights and overlooks Data science applications, building world's 1st Unified Marketing and Advertising AI Automation platform, empowering numerous Integrations and activations simplified using unified workflows, data harmonisation and real-time intelligence. Swamil is a foodie & a traveler at heart and sucker for tech gadgets. A quote he lives by "Everyone has two lives, the second one starts when you realise you have just one"

ai in marketing

Unleash the Full Potential of AI-Enhanced Omnichannel Marketing

In omnichannel marketing, AI plays a pivotal role in personalizing and optimizing the entire customer experience across multiple channels. By harnessing AI in marketing, it intelligently analyzes customer and product data, enhancing strategies, pinpointing high-conversion channels, and automating routine tasks

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