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Move Beyond Intuition With ReBid’s Data Harmonization, Segmentation and Omnichannel Personalization

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Move Beyond Intuition With ReBid’s Data Harmonization, Segmentation and Omnichannel Personalization

For over a decade, marketers have spoken about moving the needle from conventional intuition- and experience-based decisions to relying on data and insight for effective outcomes. But making data-obsessed decisions and omnichannel personalization is easier said than done.

The reason is lack of decisioning efficiency and data transparency due to siloed enterprise-wide tools and systems. It has a measurable impact on crucial business metrics like ROI of customer acquisition campaigns, Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and User Churn and Attrition rates and overall omnichannel personalization efforts. Enterprises are looking for ways to make use of collective, integrated intelligence across departments to make truly data-led decisions.

End data silos with ReBid

ReBid simplifies privacy-compliant data collection and consolidation across your website, e-commerce store, offline visits, digital ads and other customer information to enable omnichannel personalization. So you get critical insights to drive better marketing results while being compliant with CCPA, COPPA & GDPR regulations

unification for omnichannel personalization

Customer data management is the process of acquiring, organizing, and using customer data. ReBid eases this incredibly complex process with automation. Your customer data is always up-to-date and usable.

With ReBid, enterprises achieve a hybrid solution to their data storage,  with mission-critical data residing  on-premise and other data on the cloud. Collectively, these data sets power omnichannel personalization.

With ReBid, you get access to hundreds of native connectors that can pull in your data across data lakes such as Snowflake, warehouses (S3 etc), databases (Mongoa, SQL, Postgres, Elasticsearch etc) and systems at the click of a button. ReBid synchronizes large volumes of data on schedule or in real-time, supporting even aggressively high-throughput operations. 

ReBid aggregates, centralizes and unifies customer information by providing a single user view for marketers for omnichannel personalization.

Leverage your data, first-party or third-party, internal or external, online or offline, to create a robust 360-degree customer view. Deliver omnichannel personalization of  customer experiences at scale. Keep your audiences delighted and engaged throughout their journey. Keep them coming back for more. 

Customer segments for omnichannel personalization,  customer acquisition and retention

ReBid Insights doesn’t stop at unifying data. It also synthesizes customer data through segmentation and identity resolution. 

Segmentation essentially means bifurcating the vast expanse of customer data into discernable and actionable segments. Audience segmentation is key to strategic marketing – it can prevent over-targeting, becoming spammy, or missing a potential connection with a customer. Ultimately, it powers fail-proof omnichannel personalization.

Creative and intelligent use of segmentation and messaging automation enables you to seamlessly move your users from first touch to long-term, loyal and retained customers. 

Segments update in real-time as customer data evolves, and you can create as many segments as needed for your targeting and messaging use cases including omnichannel personalization.

ReBid's omnichannel personalization and segmentation

ReBid Insights enables growth teams to create multiple kinds of segments. Dynamic segments can be created using smart rules and criteria based on user attributes or properties, events or event properties, session information or a combination of attributes, events and session information. 

The rules or criteria are executed on the existing data to provide a group of customer cohorts for specific campaigns or to analyze specific information or behavioural traits of users

ReBid's segmentation persona destinations

ReBid also enriches your web and ad customer data, helping you understand what your customers like, on what channels they engage and what they’re likely to do next – all to power your omnichannel personalization efforts. ReBid’s AI engine allows marketers to quickly build predictive segments based on customer behavior, intent and affinities. 

RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary) Model (currently in BETA) provides auto-segmentation and groups users into categories like Loyal, Promising, At-risk, etc. based on their behaviors. The RFM segment predicts user behavior. Accordingly, marketers can take action to make the best of these user groups using omnichannel personalization techniques. 

Omnichannel personalization to meet your customers where they are

ReBid Insights helps you get a 360 view of your customer’s journey from start to finish online (across the web, app, social media) and offline (in-store, customer support interactions, verbal feedback) platforms. 

We collate customer and behavioral data across these touchpoints to help nail down your omnichannel personalization. Deliver consistent omnichannel customer experience and engage customers with messaging personalization.  Build seamless experiences across all brand-customer touchpoints. Power truly holistic and effective omnichannel personalization.

ReBid's Workflow engine to enable omnichannel personalization

Cleanse, enrich, and route for engagement-ready data of your customers across multiple touchpoints to launch omnichannel personalization and powerful marketing campaigns without wasting any time. 

With our pre-built templates that extensively cover what most brands need to fulfill their customization and personalization goals, you can stand out and scale quickly to drive higher engagement and conversions. 

Deliver omni-channel personalization across marketing channels like email, whatsapp and sms with our own integrations or use your pre-existing integrations with Hubspot, MailChimp or other CRMs and marketing platforms. 

Rebid Insights also supports in-app, website and product personalization to deliver web personalization at scale using customized CTA popups and widgets for promos, rewards, user consent etc.

Omnichannel personalization

ReBid powers personalization by enriching customer data with AI-driven insights. Our marketing automation engine allows you to turn insights into action by personalizing your advertising and marketing channels with drag-and-drop ease. 

You will be able to deliver personalization and guide the customer journey based on holistic behavioral insights. Naturally, this will lead to higher campaign engagement and customer acquisition and retention rates while optimizing your advertising costs.

ReBid's Workflow engine to enable omnichannel personalization

Ready to find and keep your customers like a rockstar?

ReBid Insights is designed for the smart marketer who likes to do more with less.

More insights, more action, more customers in less time, cost and data silos heartburn!

Ready to start the journey of customer data consolidation, orchestration, activation for better ad and marketing outcomes? Request a demo.

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