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Measure Metrics That Matter to YOU With Customized Conversion Dashboards

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Measure Metrics That Matter to YOU With Customized Conversion Dashboards

The digital advertising market is projected to be valued at a whopping $29.85 billion by 2026,  accounting for over half of total media spending. Many new industries, even erstwhile traditional ones, are joining this burgeoning digital landscape, to meet their customers where they are, and to get them interested in the products and services these companies have to offer. The KPIs of each industry vary significantly. So do campaign objectives, customer journeys and the funnels advertisers are targeting.

The ultimate  KPI of an e-commerce marketplace ad is usually a sale. B2B companies typically want qualified, actionable leads from their digital ad investments. Sometimes, the final conversions happen offline, like releasing a loan amount for a financial service company while visiting the dealership for a test drive for an automotive brand.

With such varied expectations and KPIs for marketing costs, how can conversion metrics be standard? In digital advertising measurement, one size absolutely DOES NOT fit all. It’s crucial to understand each consumer, each campaign objective and each ROI expectation granularly.

ReBid achieves granular measurements with Customized Conversion Dashboards on ReBid Buy Performance Reports.

 With this functionality, advertisers have a seamless way to create their own custom conversion dashboards. You get to track the performance of diverse and unique campaign objectives on numerous omnichannel advertising platforms using unified reporting solutions.

Ultimately, using Customized Conversion Dashboards, you ensure deep insights into campaign performance and are armed with the granular details on: 

  • Each marketing KPI
  • ROAS on every ad served
  • Real-world business outcomes like add-to carts, checkouts, store visits and more

All of this, across multiple advertising channels and funnels.

Continuous campaign optimization becomes easy and ROAS improves with holistic insights and great decisions. Try out our powerful conversion dashboards and see how you can boost ROAS with ReBid Buy! Request a demo today.

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