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Unlock Programmatic Advertising Success in China

Unlock Programmatic Advertising Success in China

Before we dive in, did you know that almost 60% of marketers at global brands making decisions about how they advertise in China don’t live and work in China?

In fact, only 20% of marketers currently plan and manage programmatic for China outside of China. Unsurprisingly this number is set to rise to 35% within the next 1 year.

For global brands, the question isn’t if they should seize the unprecedented opportunity that China offers. Instead, it is simply a matter of ‘how’ and ‘how quickly.’ And that’s what this blog talks about. 

We are here to show you how we make it easy for global marketers to say ‘yes’ to China and how you, too, can bridge the disconnect between decision-making and activation in the world’s largest consumer economy in terms of purchasing power parity. We’ll uncover the size of the opportunity and the increasingly exciting programmatic landscape, the challenges that exist for global brands, and how you can tackle these challenges head-on with ReBid’s proven programmatic and advertising expertise.

Check out how ReBid integrates the moving parts of the Chinese programmatic ecosystem to ensure you get the most out of your investment in this soaring market.

Advertising opportunity of the decade

Forgive us for stating the obvious: China is a massive opportunity.
Marketing to Chinese consumers presents global marketers with an unprecedented growth opportunity. Consider this – the Chinese middle class is 400 million people strong and forecasted to grow to 500+ million in the coming years. A staggering 1 billion consumers in China are connected, the largest connected cohort in the world and growing at pace. Not only is the Chinese population large, but consumers are also buying online and exclusively on their smartphones. It is expected that this year, China will see more retail sales online than offline for the first time in history. 

How to Unlock Programmatic Advertising Success in China

Nothing worth pursuing comes easy 

The thing about the word ‘opportunity,’ as all wise marketers know, is that the word ‘challenge’ is never far behind. Nothing worth pursuing comes easy, and nowhere is that more true than with the programmatic scene in China.
The consumers are different, the media players are different, the entire advertising ecosystem is different. A challenge so daunting that it can leave most marketers at crossroads: acknowledging that programmatic in China is a massive opportunity, one they fear missing out on, but in equal measure fear getting wrong. Various perceived and real obstacles hold back brands from investing more in China or investing at all.
Majority of marketers and agencies cite lack of local market knowledge as a significant roadblock, holding them back from investing in China. Beyond this, marketers are also concerned that they don’t have access to trustworthy partners who can offer them the service and support they need. In a completely new advertising and ad tech ecosystem, they don’t know which partners and agencies to trust and work with to meet their revenue goals. 

How to Unlock Programmatic Advertising Success in China

Programmatic Advertising Success in China

There’s no denying that most global brands are either looking to scale by kickstarting their programmatic journey in China or seeking a fresh and unique approach to their programmatic investments to succeed in this market. But the problem is your existing programmatic tech stack. It might work well in many countries, but China is a whole different ball game.
We just think that there’s a different way. A new way. The Rebid way…
Over at ReBid, we have forged partnerships with China’s largest and leading providers of audience-based programmatic advertising technology – IPINYou, covering 60% of the Chinese programmatic landscape. We have built a connected tech stack that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through our all-in-one unified marketing and advertising platform. It’s a novel approach – providing depth of programmatic capabilities via trusted Chinese programmatic technology but applying global programmatic principles and best practices so you can access all the inventory suppliers, data vendors, and ad measurement capabilities you need to get the same levels of performance, insights and analytics that you expect in other markets.
If you are a global brand, we believe you should be spending more in China and your ad dollars will be best spent through ReBid. That’s because we’ve spent the last few months developing a powerful way for our marketers at global brands to reach Chinese consumers from the comfort of their homes, from anywhere in the world. 
We are pretty chuffed about it, can you tell? Sign up for a demo.


Swamil Mahajan

Swamil is a Product & Data professional with 6 years of experience in building AdTech solutions & products from concept to launch. He is committed to leverage interdisciplinary research, analytics, data science and human capital to build world class products and teams. He believes in unlocking high performance & result oriented culture bringing transformative change and establishing vision to adapt to ever-changing AdTech business environment.