How Adtech and Martech will disrupt the market in less than 5 years

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How Adtech and Martech will disrupt the market in less than 5 years

Adtech and Martech are the current buzzwords and we see why its going to rock the digital advertising space. When was the last time you watched your favourite show on linear TV instead of a nifty broadcast OTT app on your connected TV?

When was the last time you watched TV without simultaneously browsing the internet?

Would you rather get your festive shopping recommendations from a boring, long, trying-too-hard TV ad or from a rich and shoppable creative – maybe on the same TV set – that tells you exactly where you are putting your money?

You may not sense it every day, but you have changed as a consumer. And you are rapidly changing as a marketer. Over the years, technology has intensified and accelerated the changes in consumer behaviour. And as an industry that’s known for its finger on the pulse of the masses, advertising and marketing have no choice but to transform their mindsets and their tech stacks for a brave new world.

The adtech and martech stack is unrecognizable in 2022

Remember 2010? It wasn’t very long ago. Google was a well-known search engine but nobody had predicted yet that its next phase of hyper-growth would come from being a data and advertising behemoth. 

We connected with friends and colleagues, often even long-lost ones, on Facebook. But was it going to form a walled garden of habit-changing advertising solutions? Who knew?

In 2022, the world has moved far beyond Google and Facebook, with retail platforms becoming ad publishers. Publishers and OTT platforms trying new value exchange mechanisms to demonstrate ROI for the ads served on their platforms. Most advertising is programmatic advertising. There are over 161 CDPs out there, and those are just the ones that the CDP Institute accounts for. There were 9,932 martech solutions at last count. The scale and complexity of the adtech and martech ecosystem is truly unprecedented.

Add to this the fact that 5G is already here, and 6G testing has begun too. You know what this means? 

Low latency and real-time execution of practically any workstream will soon be real possibilities, not the pipe dreams and the buzzwords they have been so far. Collectively, deep tech, adtech, and martech will unlock new marketing and advertising realms with real-time capabilities and intensified data usage. Let’s see how this will unfold.

4 ways adtech and martech evolution will disrupt the market in less than 5 years

Renewed focus on creativity and strategy with human-machine collaboration

If you, like me, have spent a better part of the last two decades diving into the world of tech-led advertising and marketing revolution, you perhaps also have peers who have complained about the death of the good old copy, the good old TV ad, and the good old strategy. Let me tell you, these remarkable aspects of our ecosystem will make a comeback but in a whole new avatar.

Marketers around the world are going to save time on repetitive tasks with unprecedented levels of marketing automation. And what will they do with the time saved on tedious tasks? Surely not more coffee breaks. We foresee more customer data- and tech-led creative brainstorms on breaking through the clutter with creatives and strategy that truly works. 

Sure, you’ll have AI writing the copy and a programmatic platform hyper-personalizing the channel and creative. But all of this will need a human brain behind it all – for strategic alignment. We are confident that the concept of digital twins will seep into the advertising ecosystem, and humans and machines will deliver amazing ads. Collectively.

ReBid has been working towards this, with an AI-enabled Media Planner to automate and optimize media planning on the fly. It automates the execution of your media plans, including setting up campaign objectives, budgets, goals, schedules, and targeting across the most relevant platforms in the market. ReBid’s self-learning and self-evolving AI capabilities are designed to keep up with the times and partner with you in the evolution of campaign planning and execution. In addition, ReBid’s AI-Enabled Automated Performance Predictor & Optimizer provides on-the-ball recommendations with Smart Prompts that are aligned to your advertising goals. 

More importantly, we make sure that your rapid evolution as a tech-first marketing leader and user of AI-based platforms like ReBid doesn’t mean dropping the ball on elements like data safety and security, ethical AI and regulatory compliances. ReBid incorporates SOC 2 Type 2 attestation report, ISO 27001 certification, GDPR and COPPA to ensure that AI adoption in your ad and marketing function is fully compliant and safe for your brand reputation.

XR on the couch with deep tech and adtech democratization

The ad world is no stranger to extended reality. A quick google search on AR, VR, and XR use cases in marketing and advertising, and most of what you see are outdoor experiences. But, this is going to change and how.

With high bandwidth, low latency internet penetration into households across metro cities to small towns, the evolution of handheld and household devices, and the evolution of adtech and martech to deliver real-time insights at scale, We foresee XR experience being delivered at scale in every living room. Try that outfit before you buy it? Scan QR to see a 3D image of the sofa? Adtech and martech democratization, along with other shifts in device and technology access, will ensure that not just a Sephora is able to deliver these experiences. They will be everywhere, in every household and for every consumer and brand – from Noida to New York. 

We’re all going to be marketers

More than half of the most brilliant marketers we know – from copywriters to strategy leads – studied technology in some form once upon a time. Of course, they had to change streams at some point to do the creative work they are doing now. But with the evolution of adtech and martech and the use of AI, ML, data, and more in marketing and advertising workstreams, the data and tech folks will no longer have to make those significant career shifts. Because the ecosystem is going to need them more than ever before.

The CMO is going to renew their team’s skill requirements. They will bring in more tech and data talent to make the most of their investments in this space. A marketing function will be about collaboration between the left brain and the right. And this collaboration of art and science will change the game for customer experiences, especially in the B2C space.

Ready for the revolution?

With these sweeping shifts in advertising and marketing less than half a decade away, if you haven’t yet started your adtech and martech journey, you are already behind in the race.

Adtech and martech decision makers who don’t make the right investments in relevant skills and tech stacks as soon as possible are leaving money on the table. Don’t be one of them.

Get in touch for a demo of ReBid to usher in the highly automated, AI-led, data-obsessed future of advertising and marketing. We’re ready for the brave, new world. You?

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