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How to Achieve Cookieless Personalization For Digital Marketing

How to Achieve Cookieless Personalization For Digital Marketing

Cookieless personalization in the times of privacy laws strengthening can be a difficult mountain to climb! With cookie deprecating in H2 of 2024, marketers will be hard-pressed to find a good solution to engage customers and hold their attention. This is a time when marketers must become creative with the data they have in order to have cookieless personalization for all their marketing campaigns and achieve higher ROI.

First-party data and lookalike modeling to the rescue

In a cookie-less world, first-party data will become the marketers best friend. This is the data customers share willingly with brands through CRM systems, website visits, and other brand engagements.

With strong first-party data at hand, marketers have a new opportunity to form a single view – or a master profile – of each consumer in order to understand key marketing moments. Also, they also have the opportunity to use the defining traits of their existing customers to scale the campaign reach to other similar users.

First-party data is the most critical weapon in the hands of marketers in a cookieless world. The right tech stack and strong value exchange will help in this transition. Clearly, marketers must not only collect data but also leverage it in everyday marketing decisions and execution.

O2O data will fill the insight gap

One of the most important ways to achieve cookieless personalization throughout the customer journey is to deeply understand the key moments in it. However, online data alone can hamper this effort. This is because it only takes into account the digital touchpoints of each customer. Naturally, this approach is far from holistic. Customers have several touchpoints in the offline world too. For example, the brands they visit, their frequent locations that define their lifestyle choices among other offline data sets.

Naturally, marketers must look to combine online and offline data sets. Consequently, this will shape awareness, preference, and purchase. Therefore, it is important for marketers to find the right data partners that not only allow access to online data sources but also offline ones.

It’s time for marketers to prepare themselves for the cookieless world

The era of cookies will finally end in less than 24 months. Now, it is up to marketers to make quick decisions. Also, they should look to pivot their analytics and data engines in preparation for the cookieless personalization world. Finding the right partners will be key to achieve cookieless personalization.

Talk to Rebid to update your data and tech stack. Now, prepare yourself with what you need to thrive in the cookieless world. We’re here to help!


Team ReBid

We are a global advertising and marketing transformation startup. We offer MarTech and AdTech platform-driven solutions to power the future of media, data, creative and business transformation. One of the pioneering solutions by us is ReBid, the first ever Unified Marketing and Advertising AI Automation platform. ReBid uses proprietary AI-based algorithms that leverages MadTech to simplify digital marketing and give access to a cookieless world.