How to develop a Digital Marketing strategy for startups in 2022

How to develop a Digital Marketing strategy for startups in 2022

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How to develop a Digital Marketing strategy for startups in 2022

The current digital marketing ecosystem might seem competitive. It’s time to develop the best Digital Marketing strategy for startups in 2022.

With trends coming and going at breakneck speed, startups need to be abreast of which Digital Marketing strategy will be sustainable in the long term.

The key goal is to go for the most cost-efficient methods to drive returns. Here is a list of 3 strong Digital Marketing strategy for startups in 2022

Digital Marketing strategy for startups in 2022

Deep Tech Can Save You Time!

Walled gardens give you hordes of (albeit, skewed) data. Programmatic in-housing also relies on a lot of data. Hence, it is apparent that data will be your biggest asset as you implement these strategies.

This data may be unorganized, uncategorized, and might require cleansing before it can be used.

This is where Deep Tech like ML and AI can come in. Though they present themselves as heavy initial investments, AI tools can help organize and enrich your data in a systematic manner. Often, without much human intervention. ML models can decipher patterns across datasets. This forms the cornerstone of insights that drive crucial marketing decisions.

Consider investing in deep tech early on to leverage its most critical advantages in marketing and more.

Look Beyond Walled Gardens

Over the past couple of years, the appeal of social media as an avenue for digital advertising has simmered down. There are a couple of reasons for this.

Firstly, due to the transparency and data privacy concerns surrounding walled gardens like Facebook and Google, advertisers are unsure of the extent of the accuracy of data these sources provide. This directly affects marketing efforts, thus leading to an inefficient return on ad spending (ROAS).

Secondly, the younger user base itself on Facebook is dwindling due to the influx of older generations to this social media platform. So, if your target demographic is young adults, then Facebook is not the place to focus your ad spends.

Another reason why popular social media platforms are losing users is due to an increased awareness of how each user is essentially a “product”. Unfortunately, the element of community has faded.

Lastly, Google ads will not be as profitable anymore with cookies losing relevance. Therefore, your best bet is to channel your efforts towards the open web and allocate only part of your budget to walled gardens. The Open web provides a large variety of opportunities and much more transparency for all sizes of businesses. They ensure that these businesses have their data requirements met.

To strengthen your campaign execution through Open Web, build your own advertising ecosystem. This ecosystem should consist of your 1st party data. It should also have direct contracts with DSPs that can provide precise targeting on the global pool of inventories available via SSPs and Exchanges. Most importantly, invest in tools and strategies that can combine your online and offline data.

Hit The Ground Running With an In-housing Team

As a startup, you have to choose between outsourcing and in-house advertising. You do not want to waste time or financial resources without comparing whether outsourcing your advertising efforts would get the highest possible return.

If you outsource, there are a lot of hidden costs involved in the process.

Further, you get limited oversight and visibility into the process of programmatic bidding. Real-time optimization becomes complicated due to the lag in feedback from the agency.

Remember, in-housing has a lot of benefits. But, the only way to reap them is to have a strong platform partner who can handle your programmatic efforts with an in-house team.

With in-housing, you have control over each part of the process, right from the first stage of identifying campaigns that worked, audiences you want to focus on, and platforms you want to advertise on.

Ready to Take The Plunge?

If you want your startup to develop a strong start in 2022 with high returns and cost-effective advertising, drop us a message. ReBid’s solutions can help forge a digital marketing framework that meets your organization’s needs while prioritizing the most important trends of 2022.

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