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Top 5 Programmatic Advertising Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Top 5 Best Programmatic Advertising Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Throughout 2021, businesses have continued to up their digital marketing game. They have stretched the realms of digital advertising. They have capitalized on the time consumers spend on e-commerce websites and social media.

Looking back at 2021

In 2021, brands decided to give non-conventional platforms a try to run their ad campaigns. They found success on multiple social media platforms that weren’t considered “ad-friendly” before, such as Snapchat and TikTok.

Further, TV advertisers started experimenting with OTT advertisements like NetFlix, Hotstar &Amazon Prime. This was because that’s where the majority of their customers were now binge-watching or attending watch parties.

Fast-forwarding into 2022 and beyond

The above-mentioned trends are not the only ones that will be in full force in 2022.  If you are a business looking to ride the programmatic advertising wave, here are some more Programmatic Advertising Trends you can focus on.

Top 5 Best Programmatic Advertising Trends

1st Trend: Bringing Programmatic Home

There is probably no dearth of customer data irrespective of what stage of growth your business is pursuing.

That data goldmine, plus a competitive tech stack partner that provides you with a state-of-the-art programmatic advertising platform will push your programmatic advertising efforts right where it belongs. That is, in-house.

If you really want your advertising to be entirely in your control so that it garners complete transparency while also being cost-efficient, then take the first step towards in-house in 2022.

2nd Trend: Emptying the Cookie Jar


“This is how the cookie crumbles.”

“Cookie Monster.”

But it doesn’t have to be all this bad, especially if you reorient this development as a way to amp up your organic reach.

Third-party cookies will probably be a thing of the past in 2022. But that doesn’t mean targeted advertising has to be so.

Relevant personalization using contextual marketing will help optimize your advertising in new ways. By mapping physical and digital customer data, brands will enrich their first-party data to improve targeting.

If done correctly, 2022 will be about giving your customers a sense of deep connection when they come across your ads. It will also be critical to help them with a smooth and efficient website experience.

3rd Trend: Embracing AI, ML, and Deeptech

Processing large customer data sets is not easy. To squeeze every bit of utility out of this data, and also for other in-house marketing processes such as gathering insights, a deep tech will be crucial.

The right AI and other Deeptech tools can help you delineate customer segments and distill customer feedback forms and surveys into malleable data points. Then, you can process these data points to produce insights that will become the foundation for sales decision-making.

Your goal for 2022 should be to ramp up your machine learning capabilities and build insightful algorithms on your data

4th Trend: Newfound Respect for Consumer Privacy

Consumers’ demand for privacy has reached unprecedented levels in recent years.

We foresee this trend ramping up even faster in 2022 and beyond. This will be especially true as the cookie crumbles. Privacy regulations will only get stronger. Big techs will make decisions like the end of the cookie more rapidly and frequently.

One trend we know for sure is catching on is the need to find reliable, trustworthy, and ethical data and tech stack, partners.

Brands that will want to be on the right side of regulations will need the right partners to help them support and abide by global privacy compliance without impacting their ROAS. Ethical data and tech stack partners will be all the rage in 2022 and beyond.

5th Trend: Platform Agnostic Ads

Since new formats are cropping up every day, you will probably feel your brand’s resources spreading thin. This is especially true in a cross-channel strategy. However, keep this in mind.

Don’t do CTV just because your competitor is doing it. Do it because it delivers results.

Don’t focus on Instagram carousels because everyone else is, especially when you have other platforms that deliver results.

Work backward. Don’t let the channel define your content. Instead, step out from the crowd with your ads. Ensure that your ad captures a single view of the customer while being medium-agnostic.

Conclusion on Programmatic Advertising Trends

You are probably geeking out with all these trends.

But before you set something in stone, consider if your tech stack partner can help you unravel these trends and tailor your digital marketing decisions in 2022.

If you are in search of a partner that’s ahead of the curve on the programmatic trends for 2022 and beyond, shout-out for a demo. We’re here to up your ROI and your programmatic game!


Rajiv Dingra

Our celebrated CEO is a serial entrepreneur who started his journey at the age of 20 with my first after which he had phenomenal growth as a digital agency entrepreneur. He started WATConsult as its Founder & CEO in 2007, and helped it become the most awarded digital and social media agency of India with a workforce crossing 400 members, it had won 9 Agency of the year awards and over 200 plus awards for various campaigns. His next venture was RD&X Network which he founded in July 2020 which is a Global Advertising & Marketing Transformation startup, RD&X Network uplifts brands and business become real-time, disruptive, and thereby achieve exponential growth.

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