Google Marketing Live 2023

Google Marketing Live 2023 – Everything is AI

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Google Marketing Live 2023 – Everything is AI

In recent weeks, Google has made significant strides in its transformation into an AI-first company. The focus on AI was particularly evident at this year’s Google Marketing Live 2023 event, where the integration of AI into Google Ads took center stage. Google made more than 100 updates and one of the big announcements was SGE – we covered it here and here. Google also spoke about the transparency center for google ads which you can read about it, here

This year’s Google Marketing Live 2023 can be summed into a single component AI. With the TSunami of AI in the advertising industry, Google has integrated the AI with its super successfully widely used advertising network Google Ads. Let’s delve into the key highlights from the Google Marketing Live 2023 event:

Google Marketing Live 2023 Updates

Create Campaigns using conversational AI

With the AI-driven chat capabilities, advertisers can now effortlessly set up campaigns within the Google Ads interface. The advertiser just has to provide a landing page to a prompt & the AI will generate the required keywords, headlines, descriptions, Images & Assets to set up the campaign. Users will have the option to edit the suggestion before pushing them live.

Google Search Generative Experience(SGE) integrates search & shopping ads

Google SGE is an innovative conversational chat experience that seamlessly incorporates search and shopping ads into interactive conversations. Leveraging the power of generative AI, this new native ad format offers personalized ad customization within the chat environment.

AI-Generated Assets for PMAX Campaigns

Soon, Google Ads will provide a fully automated experience through its AI-backed campaign setup. As part of the PMAX campaign, advertisers will have the option to utilize AI-generated images to enhance their creative materials for both image and video placements.

Introducing Google Product Studio

E-commerce players will be delighted by the arrival of Google Product Studio, a novel tool that harnesses generative AI to create unique product imagery. Advertisers can now easily generate creatives with background changes, background removal, and increased resolution, all through simple prompts.

The Evolution of Merchant Center: Welcome to Merchant Center Next

Merchant Center Next is set to revolutionize the management of inventory for online and in-store delivery. By automatically pulling in product details, pricing, and imagery directly from websites, this enhanced platform offers a centralized view of inventory. Merchants retain the flexibility to edit products or disable automation as needed.

Additionally, Google has introduced 7 new features to enhance the Google Ads experience

  1. Smarter automated bid strategies through deep integration of large language models (LLMs) for improved search intent comprehension.
  2. Brand restrictions now available for the Broad match type.
  3. Review of top search categories within Responsive Search Ads (RSA).
  4. Campaign prefills to expedite campaign setup.
  5. New Asset insights to provide valuable data on creative assets.
  6. Expanded search term categories under the insights tab.
  7. Two new campaign types: Video View and Demand Generation campaigns across YouTube, in-stream and in-feed placements, Discover, and Gmail.

AI is Now and the Future!

Google Marketing Live 2023  event clearly indicated that the future of marketing is undeniably intertwined with the power of AI. By embracing AI, marketers can unlock new opportunities, improve campaign performance, and deliver personalized experiences that resonate with their target audience. The future of marketing lies in harnessing the power of AI to drive innovation, efficiency, and customer-centricity.

At ReBid, we share the belief that AI represents the future of marketing, the same as Google. Our generative AI based AI Assistant empowers marketers to optimize campaigns across various channels, including search, social media, programmatic advertising, and e-commerce. By eliminating silos between marketing, advertising, sales, and CRM data, ReBid provides a unified view that enables marketers to enhance their campaigns and achieve a higher return on ad spend (ROAS).

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