How Are Martech and Adtech Innovating? Valuable Things to Know!

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How Are Martech and Adtech Innovating? Valuable Things to Know!

“Data is the new oil.”

Of course, everyone says that.

But, no one talks about how the oil is supposed to be processed and where.

Naturally, with the explosion of data, the martech and adtech ecosystem is evolving with slow but steady strides.

Today, data is becoming the sun in the solar system of marketing efforts.

To go beyond the walled gardens of players like Google, open web architecture is taking shape. With everything in such a flux, here are some angles to tide over the plethora of changes in the martech and adtech ecosystem.

Data Silos.. Be Gone!

Today, every business has various strands of advertisers due to the nuanced niching in the marketing domain. So, a single business will have data stored in a vastly decentralized manner.

Naturally, this means that data points related to a single customer are preserved by different agencies. To give an idea, over 8000 vendors exist in the martech space. Currently, these data points sit on disconnected servers in a way that they cannot interact.

There is no unification of these data points due to these data silos.

Imagine, Sam interacts with your social media teams, your app bots, your sales reps, and even your website cookies. But if these data points exist in four media execution silos, how will you reconcile them to understand Sam’s consumer patterns?

Naturally, centralizing the data by consolidating these vendors will maximize the data’s effectiveness and give you a single view of your customers.

MadTech is the New Standard

So, we already know how the combination of martech and adtech brings together organic customer retention and paid acquisition of customers.

Adding Deeptech to the mix, i.e., utilizing AI and ML, will insert another dimension to your digital marketing efforts. You will tap into the erstwhile unexploited potential of all the data points out there.

Of course, we have discussed the “cookieless future” at length. We know how it will initiate a departure from third-party reliance to first-party data partnerships.

CDPs will become the new favorite, and Deeptech measures will come in hand to leverage it and drive its effectiveness.

Judicious use of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning tools can address the challenges that emerge from the prioritization of privacy, such as:

  • Poor data quality, which in turn leads to weak customer insights.
  • Siloed workflows, which culminate in inefficient use of digital capabilities.
Dear CXOs

Of course, the synergy of adtech, martech, and DeepTech (together called MadTech) can help you conquer the above challenges and eliminate multi-platform silos. Obviously, the next step would be to automate as many processes as possible within this platform to make it interactive and robust.

Understandably, you wouldn’t want to trust an external agency with such a precious resource. So, why not invest in programmatic in-housing?

programmatic inhousing
Achieve granular analysis by taking control of your data!

Want to Master the Madtech and adtech Space? 

Firstly, as a business that requires data to generate consumer insights, you need innovative marketers who can fill the gaps in the execution of data sets.

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