Top 5 List of Demand Side Platforms For Your Programmatic Advertising Strategy

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Top 5 List of Demand Side Platforms For Your Programmatic Advertising Strategy

Demand Side Platforms or DSPs are software that facilitates an advertiser to purchase advertising via automation. In the light of the fact that they enable mobile advertisers to purchase prominent quality traffic at scale along with minimal friction, these are indeed an incredible marketing automation tool. 

They enable marketers to duck spending time, effort, and energy on the things that an automated machine can conclude. Instead of manually contacting several publishers that suggest advertisers, the DSPs enable advertisers to set up campaigns and manage them with utter ease. One of the chief reasons DSPs are proving to be the best and specifically valuable for mobile advertisers is the campaign performance that can be managed on a real-time basis. Rather than waiting for a campaign to conclude, mobile advertisers can simplify and adjust campaigns without disruption.

Top 5 List of Demand Side Platforms for Programmatic Ads

1. MediaMath 

MediaMath created the very first demand-side platforms in the year 2007, and to this day, they are the prominent technology pioneer with a vision and mission of making advertising an enhanced experience. They are the platform that provides one of the most amazing off-the-shelf and tailored abilities for brands in order to reach and influence clients and prospects on any and every screen—owing to their Brain algorithm, which holds the ability to precisely predict performance and excellent price for the bids. In addition, the digital advertising platform brings various services to the table, such as Campaign Management, Media Management, Creative Management, Targeting, Identity Management, Global Scale, and many more such eminent services.

MediaMath tends to deliver exceptional results via robust ad tech partnership and inquisitiveness for what is next. They have enabled more than 3,500 advertisers to resolve various intricate marketing problems so that they will be able to deepen their customer relationships on screens and across the world.

2. Xandr 

Xandr Invest is a renowned advertising buying platform that AT&T established in the year 2018. It was previously known as AppNexus, a worldwide ad tech corporation, and was headquartered in New York City, the heart of New York. This DSP (demand side platforms) has a solid concentration on desktop as well as mobile video and programmatic television ad inventory comprising OTT and CTV. Through this platform, the advertisers are able to reach up to a total of 85% when it comes to Smart TV households. 

Xandr platform is placed as a finest class software that allows advertisers to accomplish great advertising results via access to inventory, robust statistics, data management, and precise targeting. Some of the major features offered are Data-driven targeting, plenty of cross-channel advertisement formats, and brand protection and safety. 

3. Zemanta 

The journey of Zemanta commenced in the year 2007 as they established one of the original web-based assistants in the whole blogosphere. It is the foremost native advertising platform for digital publishing and the first, which is now referred to as the native exchange.

In 2014, they developed and initiated the primary native DSP (demand side platforms), ‘Zemanta One.’ From that time, Zemanta One has emerged as the globe’s first multi-channel DSP (demand side platforms) established for performance. They have also included video and display, along with the native channel, and they built their platforms entirely around the notion of facilitating advertisers into generating outcomes, be it visits, leads, views, or conversions, each and everyone from their programmatic advertising campaigns.

Zemanta tends to empower brands and agencies into buying advertising which is enhanced for post-click engagement and performance, trying to make the most out of every advertising dollar paid.

4. The Trade Desk 

The Trade Desk is a self-serve online advertising platform that was established in the year 2009, and within all this time, it has managed to be part of a dependable and robust network of more than 225 partners amongst which Hulu, ABC, Spotify, Pandora, Disney, FOX, and ESPN are featured. Along with cross-channel abilities, this demand side platform motivates advertisers to launch ad campaigns on multiple screens and devices, encompassing cord-cutting CTV.

The significant features when it comes to the trading desk include RMP, RTB, guaranteed as well as direct deals, incredible choice of ad formats, full-funnel attribution, Expert determination to support, and the finest quality of traffic. It is a platform that will suit both newbies and programmatic advertising professionals. The feature that sets it apart from all the other top DSP (demand side platforms) is the superior customer support and a variety of agreements to select from direct, RTB, PMP, and guaranteed programmatic.

5. iPinYou 

From its launch in 2008, iPinYou has set its vision of being China’s eminent AI business solution platform via its big innovative data and (AI) artificial intelligence technologies.

Digital marketing solutions exhibit the finest opportunity, and the market is mammoth. In the light of having the top machine learning algorithm and data analysis research and development team in the country, it was the foremost to initiate big data research approaches in advertising technology. The corporation offers one of the world’s best real-time bidding architectures as well as algorithms, with (DAAT), i.e., advanced audience analysis patents. The AlphaDesk, demand-side platform is the one-stop intelligent Media Managing Platform. It has various unique features of well-prepared and well-equipped modern media purchasing software. It is associated with the finest international supply-side platforms.

How does ReBid Helps? 

ReBid is an all-in-one platform for Programmatic Advertising Strategy, an advertising and marketing automation platform that tends to leverage MadTech, a convergence of Martech and Adtech to drive ROAS for agencies and marketers. Their products enable Advertising and Marketing automation with their exceptional range of products that unify, simplify, and centralize the advertising and marketing ops. 

Besides, ReBid is considered an excellent platform for managing and planning your digital media buying needs across different formats, channels, devices, and geographies. It is integrated with all DSPs (demand side platforms), social media, and search engines to analyze, activate and optimize your campaigns for advertisement.

Unlike all of the above named, MediaMath, iPinYou, Xandr, Zemanta, and TradeDesk, ReBid is a unified platform that plans, manages, and scales the digital media purchasing requirements through channels, geographies, formats, and devices. ask for a demo now.

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