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Building your programmatic in-housing strategy? 4 important things you need to know first

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Building your programmatic in-housing strategy? 4 important things you need to know first

You are craving more control over your digital ad spending. Your aspiration is for higher ROAS, stronger visibility, and real-time decisions and action without external dependencies. One can achieve all of this and more with a programmatic in-housing strategy.

But before you start building your journey of in-housing, there are some key things you need to keep in mind. This blog is all about that.

You need a sound strategy, not just execution for Programmatic In-housing

Of course, most marketers who are planning to start programmatic in-housing expect higher ROI, cost-efficiency, and hyper-accurate audience targeting. And, the hallmark of sound programmatic in-housing execution is a thought-through, long-term strategy with organizational buy-in. 

So, bring out the whiteboard and make decisions about your long-term advertising objectives. Define your audiences. Categorize and identify your best-performing campaigns. Define a great creative strategy that resonates with your TG. Finally, choose relevant platforms that will give you the traffic you need for effective marketing. Clearly, you must build your programmatic in-housing strategy on the back of these sharp insights.

Know that in-housing is a complex process

Often, marketers confuse in-housing strategy with the simple switch over from ad agencies to self-serve DSP. In principle, this migration is the most key element of in-housing. But, you will need a full-fledged ad tech stack. Today, you can do this and more with a partner where you pay a subscription fee and have a customizable platform in access.

So, a strong platform partner can converge all traffic sources onto a single platform. It can cut down your monthly expenses. Also, it can be your one-stop solution for campaign analytics and optimization. So, investing in such a platform would make your in-housing far more powerful and would also be cost-efficient.

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Data management is key to your programmatic journey

One of the hallmarks of a good in-housing strategy is good data. You must focus on collecting, aggregating, and analyzing large volumes of data to ensure that your programmatic campaigns get results. 

To do this, you must invest in a data management platform in order to utilize third-party data about your audience segments.

You can’t be doing ads for bots forever. How are you going to address ad fraud?

Today, ad fraud is one of the biggest challenges in programmatic. It is a key consideration when moving your strategy in-house. But before you invest in a white-label platform, ask your tech partner how the platform is prepared to address the challenge of ad fraud. More importantly, don’t believe a platform partner who tells you that they are 100% free of bot invasion.

Bots are constantly evolving and are able to get past your platform’s security measures. So, it is critical that your platform continuously upgrades its security measures and leverages third-party tools for bot detection. And, that is the only way to ensure that your campaign results aren’t fake.

Before we go…

Programmatic in-housing is a big decision and it’s also one that brands need as they aspire for more control, visibility, and ROI. So, a sound technology partner can go a long way in helping you make the most of your programmatic strategy.

ReBid Desk was built on the bedrock of in-housing, in order to give marketers more control over their ad and MarTech stack and programmatic strategy. ReBid is a state-of-the-art programmatic advertising platform that offers seamless integration with premium global Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs). This allows ReBid to support a wide range of channels, including multiple formats, geographies, and devices.

With ReBid, advertisers can choose from a variety of formats, including banners, native, video, audio, CTV, and DOOH, to reach their target audience. Additionally, ReBid provides log level data access, which allows advertisers to compare raw campaign data with optimized campaign data, and use the insights to fine-tune their strategies and achieve better results. We are ready to help you bring your entire programmatic journey under one roof – your own.

Holler for a demo, there’s a lot we need to talk about.

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