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4 Key Steps for Programmatic Inhousing for Marketers

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4 Key Steps for Programmatic Inhousing for Marketers

Increasingly, advertisers and marketers are demanding more control over and visibility into their programmatic spending. With outsourced programmatic, there are many blind spots for marketers. Often, they worry about matters like brand safety and ROAS. Improved ROI, better control over data, better real-time capabilities, cost transparency define a good programmatic inhousing journey.

But we will tell you this – programmatic inhousing is not an easy task. And, it requires you to invest in the 4 Ps – platforms and people, processes and partners.

In this article, we discuss the key steps marketers must take when planning to in-house their programmatic.

Conduct a deep assessment of where you are in terms of advertising strategy

Essentially, this means a two-level deep dive into media performance and cost-benefit analysis. So, marketers must know exactly how digital advertising is making a contribution to their overall marketing strategy. Also, they must have a deep understanding of what they want to achieve by programmatic inhousing. Clearly, it is important that advertisers understand how in-housing would impact costs and revenues. So, marketers must decide if they are ready to make the upfront investment on platforms required for Programmatic Inhousing.

Scout for the right people 

Clearly, in-housing requires a very different set of platforms and people than brands are used to hiring and investing in. Before bringing in the programmatic strategy inhouse, brands must give themselves at least 12 months to ramp up. This includes planning and talent acquisition.

 Of course, having an in-housing strategy and tech stack is just half the battle. At the end of the day, brands would need the right talent for in-housing to work. Clearly, finding the right people for the job is critical.

Build your data culture

Today, the brand’s owned first-party customer data is the true powerhouse behind a sound programmatic strategy. Often, the top reason to bring programmatic in-house is that brands have tons of customer data that they can’t share with third-party organizations due to privacy regulations. All of this can change by in-housing programmatic.

Clearly, the most effective in-house programmatic happens at the most data-centric organizations. And, this means building a data-centric culture from the ground up, using the right people, platforms, partners, and processes. So, audience data must transform into actionable insight. And, all customer data – starting with first-party, enriched customer data – should be converged for better decisions.

Find the right tech stack partners

Today, there are over 8,000 martech and adtech vendors around the world. Perhaps, many of them just fly by the night. So, it is critical that brands that are planning to in-house their programmatic ask for demos. Agree on a trial period. And, do your due diligence on the tech stack partners you would engage.

Clearly, clean business and data practices, a deep understanding of marketers’ pain points, and a sound platform that delivers results are critical. ReBid provides a completely customizable DSP. Programmatic in-housing with ReBid refers to the practice of handling programmatic advertising within a company instead of outsourcing it to an agency. ReBid is a software solution that helps companies streamline and manage their programmatic advertising efforts in-house. With ReBid, businesses can have greater control over their advertising campaigns, reduce costs, and access real-time data and insights to make informed decisions. ReBid makes it easier for companies to plan, execute and optimize programmatic advertising campaigns in-house, thereby driving better results.

In conclusion

ReBid is built on the premise of handing over the reins of programmatic to the marketer for better control, transparency, and visibility. Are you ready to start the journey of in-housing your programmatic? Ask for a demo, we are here to help.

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