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Why unifying, centralizing and scaling digital ads is key for global marketers of tomorrow

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Why unifying, centralizing and scaling digital ads is key for global marketers of tomorrow

Digital ads is not a new phenomena but the advertising industry is undergoing a transformation. First, there is the upcoming deprecation of third-party cookies. Secondly, the pressure for higher ROI and ROAS is increasing as advertisers are struggling to keep up with regulatory matters.

A lot of their challenges can be simplified by unifying, centralizing, and scaling digital ads. In this blog, we will look at key reasons advertisers need MADtech to buy, unify, centralize, and scale their digital ads.

How to scale digital ads? 4 key points to consider:

  1. Better control over inventory management

Unlike traditional media buying, programmatic media buying allows marketers far more control over their ad spends. Also, they allow advertisers to manage their inventory in real-time based on a variety of factors like location and audience demographics. With the right platform such as ReBid – advertisers can accomplish all this and more on a single platform.

  1. Stronger planning, in real-time

With platform-based solutions, advertisers have stronger control over their ad spends and can bid on digital ads in real-time. With every new inventory, a sound buying platform automatically updates the inventory. Naturally, this allows advertisers to quickly determine the buying potential they have with the remaining ad dollars. Together, these factors allow advertisers to plan their campaigns efficiently.

  1. Hyper-accurate audience targeting

The platform-based solutions bring to life hyper-accurate audience segments based on online and offline factors. And, programmatic platforms like ReBid Desk allow advertisers to plan their buys proactively. They provide inventory from a range of channels including native,  video and display. Furthermore, platforms empower advertisers to buy ad space in real-time, based on where their target group is at any given time. With such accurate targeting, campaigns are more effective and generate high quality leads.

  1. Effective campaign analytics in real-time for your digital ads

New-age solutions enable a 360-degree view of all campaigns on a single platform. Naturally, this allows advertisers to optimize their campaigns in real-time and increase campaign performance. And, this directly results in high ROI campaigns that have higher return on every ad dollar.

  1. No code self-service for advertisers

Till now, advertisers have relied heavily on agencies to accomplish the most basic tasks. Often, this gives them little control and visibility over their inventory and real-time spends. But with a no-code platform-based solution almost all advertisers can handle all of their digital advertising including buying and campaign optimization with ease.

The future is MAD with lot of Tech involved!

We will tell you this – MADTech will drive the future of advertising. As advertisers grapple with new technologies and regulations and also new-age customers and brand-new platforms, the need for more control over their digital ads and ads spends will only increase.

ReBid is a platform that helps advertisers unify their digital ads campaigns, providing a centralized and automated solution for ad management. By integrating with various ad networks and exchanges, ReBid aggregates data and optimizes ad spending, leading to higher ROAS (Return on Ad Spend). ReBid’s algorithms analyze data and make real-time bidding decisions based on audience behavior, ad placements, and performance, ensuring that every impression is being utilized effectively. The platform also provides detailed reporting and insights, enabling advertisers to make informed decisions and adjust their campaigns as needed. ReBid’s goal is to help advertisers maximize their ad spend and drive better results by providing a unified, data-driven approach to digital advertising.

MADTech will put the digital in digital advertising and only advertisers who are ready to make the most of it will thrive in the new age. Are you ready to kick off your own journey of platform-based unifying, centralizing, and scaling your digital ads? We are ready to help you get there. Holler for a demo!

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