5 best ways marketers can achieve a single view of customers

5 best ways marketers can achieve a single view of customers

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5 best ways marketers can achieve a single view of customers

Arriving at a single view of customers to eventually personalize their experience across devices and channels is a critical marketing goal. This is especially critical in the era of omnichannel customers. However, achieving this single view of customers is easier said than done. The challenge lies with data silos across departments and insufficient data management.

Eventually, these hurdles prevent brands from moving the needle beyond a partial, insular view of the customer profile. This results in ineffective personalization. Here at Rebid, we have the solution.

How to arrive at a single view of customers

  1. Offer the right value exchange to customers

Marketing teams often endeavor to build a single customer profile without changing their marketing strategy around it. But it is critical to build a holistic strategy that revolves around building a single view of customers. Basically, this includes critical aspects like personalized experiences and right selection of channels and platforms. Also, sound creatives and value exchange ensure that customers stick around and keep coming back.

  1. Identify and merge all customer data sources 

In order to arrive at a single view of customers, data silos must go. Of course, it is critical to identify every data source that could potentially reveal insights about the customer. This includes engaging cross-functional teams. Usually, customer data comes from social and digital. But it also comes from CRM, store experience, website, web store among other departments. Merge these data sources. Include non-marketing sources. Then, you cover every customer touchpoint in your endeavor to arrive at a single customer view.

  1. Invest in the right tech stack

Technology is a critical aspect of building a single customer view. Naturally, it should allow easy integration of myriad data sources and have an open architecture. Also, UX and self-serve elements are critical, considering your marketing team doesn’t always have data and technology experts. Usually, cloud solutions work best to optimize return on investment. Talk to Rebid – we have built a tech stack on the foundation of a single customer view.

  1. Upskill your team, hire right to build a culture around the single customer view

Often, marketers fail at building a single customer view due to a lack of technology and data skills within the marketing team. We are in 2021 and marketing is as much art as it is science. Now, marketers should quickly skill up and no longer rely on IT and data teams that are far removed from specific marketing objectives. Hiring right and upskilling your team ensures self-sufficiency. Also, they deliver higher engagement on your tech stack to leverage the single view of customers.

  1. Plan how to leverage single view of customer beyond marketing interventions

There are two reasons for this. First, you will get quicker organizational buy-in to invest in what you need to build the single customer view. Second, your customers expect a high experience index across all their brand touchpoints. Marketing can continue to be the primary beneficiary of the single customer view. But clearly, other departments like CRM can benefit from it too.

Single view of customers is the future of marketing and business

Imagine a world where when a customer calls the call center, representatives already know that she is a busy working mom with a newborn. What if your representatives offered empathy by quickly addressing her queries? If your marketing interventions were personalized to the point where they truly understood the customer’s needs and pain points? And if the same level of experience was delivered to her in-store and on the web-store?

The marketing ecosystem, as well as businesses themselves, are gearing up towards this level of personalization. Customers will engage better with brands that are ready to offer not just products and services but humanness and empathy. The future belongs to brands that are ready to offer empathy – and this would only come from truly getting to know each customer at an individual level. That is, building a single view of customers.

Are you ready to take the plunge into building an empathy-led marketing strategy? Talk to Rebid. We are built on the foundation of single customer views that enable brands to offer empathy. We are ready for the future. How about you?

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