4 Marketing Reports Every Marketer Should Analyze

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4 Marketing Reports Every Marketer Should Analyze

Marketers make use of data to understand their target audience better, segment them into specific groups and track their engagement. Without understanding their reaction and effect on Marketing campaigns, Marketers will not be able to understand what improvements can be made to marketing campaigns and how to increase customer base. This is when the Marketing Report comes into play.

Consider the marketing report as a tool to make you understand where your marketing goals are being achieved and where they can be upgraded. With good and holistic marketing reports you can create a system and structure for your marketing process, and maintain a seamless workflow to make sure it serves its purpose for your brand. 

Many Marketing Analytics and Social Media reporting apps provide you with an extensive library of ready-to-use templates. You gain valuable time with these templates and utilize them for whatever purpose you want. The ideal reporting service would include a range of use cases, from social media, PPC, SEO and many more.

Receive reports with key metrics including ready-made KPIs 

When you’re unclear about what metrics to include in your reports, use the most commonly used ones. Ready-made templates with preferred metrics will give you the entire view of your marketing activities.

We have put together a list of best reporting tools to have in your bag!

1. Social Media Marketing Report 

When it comes to testing the effectiveness of social media marketing, and showcasing important metrics and your initiatives performance, it need not be monotone reports, rather you should present it with graphics and tables with vibrant data visualizations. Some crucial KPIs you need to track in your social media reports are Top Performing posts, Impressions, Likes and performers, and engagement.
One social media marketing tool we recommend is Hootsuite. With Hootsuite  you save a lot of time and effort, ranging from content creation, publishing of posts and evaluating results. Select from a range of standardized social media marketing templates like social media strategy template, social media audit template, social media content calendar and many more.

4 Marketing Reports Every Marketer Should Analyze

2. SEO Reporting 

SEO for any brand is very important. As a marketer, you have to optimize your website pages to rank higher in search engine results. With just a few clicks, many SEO reporting tools provide profound data. These tools track and showcase organic traffic, impressions, CTR, link-building analytics and many more for your website. You can get insights on how well your efforts are performing, and then customize your SEO strategy according to the data. 

One such tool is Backlinko. It offers SEO report templates that are easy to read, insightful, and easy to create. The report includes information organized by priority, detailed instructions on finding the right reports via Google Analytics and Google search console and color-coded text which can be removed after making the report. The SEO report relies on Google Analytics and Google search console, however, it is customizable to work with other tools as well.

3. Email Marketing Report

For any email marketing campaign. eyesight on which customer really reads emails can be extremely beneficial for marketers who are trying to convert prospects from their sales pipeline. Other than this, you can outline your audience, gain insights from which emails get higher CTR including longer read time is simply crucial. You should monitor the open rate, conversion rate and reply rate of your email campaigns. Once the data is in, your email campaigns can be successfully customized to even drive more conversions. 

There are many tools in the market which can help you not only run email marketing campaigns but can track how your campaigns are performing. However in this ever evolving digital world, you need an edge over the rest and that comes from building greater insight of your audience which is interacting with you. Try out ReBid Insights which not only helps you in successfully run your email campaigns but also helps you enrich your audience better.  It is a real-time CDP that unifies customer and behavioral data from online & offline touchpoints. It provides AI-inspired segmentation, insights, dynamic profiles, and analytics.

4. Digital Media Buy Reports 

With any digital media buying you do as a marketer, whether it’s search, social or programmatic campaigns, certain parameters will be very key to your brand and certain parameters are common but help you in optimizing your campaigns better. What is currently a major task for any marketer is that all these reports are platform-specific and do not give a holistic view of how your campaigns are performing. You have to download excel sheets and make sense of all that data! We have a great way for you to get rid of your fear of excel! Check out ReBid Buy!

4 Marketing Reports Every Marketer Should Analyze

With ReBid Buy you can make professional reports with charts and graphs to impress your entire CSuite!. Scrutinize campaign performance across major platforms from one platform. With ReBid Buy, you can excerpt data from your Walled Garden Platforms, Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) & Google Analytics seamlessly. You can connect the data from these siloed platforms to easily track CTR, clicks, impressions, CPC, and other crucial KPIs to optimize your campaigns.

Here’s a bonus reporting template just for you! 

ReBid Buy also provides a personalized dashboard just for your CSuite – CXO View! CXO View provides your CSuite with a thorough overview of the most important metrics across all media buying efforts. They can cruise easily between Channel, Creative, Device, and Keyword Performance. Get an overview on spends, clicks, impressions, and conversions across all campaigns in both tabular reporting style and graphical style. 

4 Marketing Reports Every Marketer Should Analyze


The main purpose of a report is to comprehend whether the marketing strategies you are using are going in the right path and to further improve them. The scale of a report can change depending on the subject matter and the range of platforms you can collect data from. 

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