Top 5 things to consider when choosing your Marketing Automation Platform

Top 5 things to consider when choosing your Marketing Automation Platform

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Top 5 things to consider when choosing your Marketing Automation Platform

Choosing the right marketing automation platform can be a daunting task. Every lead is critical for a marketer. Why should you take two people on the same journey if they are not alike? Marketers are expected to go above and beyond in this connected era to keep their target customers engaged and delighted throughout their journey, regardless of the path or their position in the sales funnel. And that’s what a good marketing and advertising automation component can do for a company.

A good customer experience with loyal customers is the most basic and important requirement for a brand. To attain the best out of a marketing and advertising automation tool and provide an excellent experience to your customers, you should work with a marketing automation specialist.

What can Marketing Automation do?

Sending email drip campaigns and follow-up messages, lead filtering, triggered communications, remarketing campaigns, posting on social media, and progressive information capture are all tasks that would otherwise require a significant amount of daily time and effort. Essentially, a marketing automation tool can automate everything you need to ensure a delightful customer journey. So, let us now look at the top five factors to consider when choosing the best marketing automation software for your company.

With automation, you will be able to delegate repetitive workflows to software and focus on the important tasks at hand. However, we must first select the best marketing automation platform.

5 things to consider when choosing your Marketing Automation Platform

1. Importance of Omnichannel 

Omnichannel marketing is a multi-channel sales strategy that is carefully curated to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience. The advertising strategy remains based on customer behavior and interaction rather than a single brand experience. This means that a consumer’s actions decide what they see next. To put it another way, not every customer has the same experience. This method enables customers to interact with a brand via any of its existing channels.

As soon as your targeted audience clicks on your advertisement or explores your site, your associated social platforms work as a mode of communication to represent your brand. Every channel is now updating to reflect the most recent interaction the consumer had with your brand. Each touchpoint along the way contributes to a unified experience for your prospects.

In a crowded market, omnichannel marketing allows you to stay relevant and competitive. With so much competition, you must find efficient and effective ways to stand out and truly connect with your customers. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, omnichannel marketing enables you to connect with your customers through a personalized experience that can convert them into lifelong customers.

2. Usability 

One of the most important considerations is the marketing automation tool’s ease of use. Even if you have spent a fortune on the tool, it will be useless if your employees are unable to easily understand and use it. The ease of use or complexity of a software’s user interface is critical as it is the one that makes or breaks many people when looking for new software.

To evaluate a tool, it is best to request a demo to get a sense of how it feels to utilize it on a daily basis. A good piece of software should have clear navigation, a streamlined and concise workflow for each process it performs and easily outlined menu items with contextual information.

3. The customizability of the Reports

Your new marketing automation platform should enable you to generate reports for data analysis in order to gain an insight into your marketing operations and make improved data-driven decisions. 

It is also necessary to confirm whether the chosen platform can create templates on its own and customize them to meet the needs of various business tasks.

You should investigate how user-friendly the platform is for the entire office, as well as what type (and how much) training is required for the business team to operate the platform. It is critical to select a solution that allows for simple report creation that your marketing team can build and read without the assistance of a data scientist.

4. The Significance of Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help your advertising mechanization efforts by assisting with the creation of customized relationships with leads and clients alike. These game-changing breakthroughs can be used to personalize email, opportunities, and client retention.

5. Cost Efficiency

Marketing automation system software incurs a cost, comprising on-site training expenses, set-up charges, utility fees, as well as charges incorporated by marketing automation solution providers (depending on the increase in the number of leads).

As a result, it is dependent on what and from whom you obtain the service. MAP, on the other hand, can be obtained by all businesses at various budgets that correspond to the needs of small-to-medium-to-large business organizations or companies.

Plan out what you need for automation, create a budget, and then choose the automation marketing platform that aptly fits your needs and budget. 

There is no worse investment than an unutilized tool. So, if you intend for your team to use marketing automation platforms without the assistance of an agency or technical administrators, keep in mind that the platform’s usability is critical for you and your team.

The easier your new marketing automation platform is to use, the more likely it will be used by your team. On the contrary, if it is a comprehensive technique with a steep learning curve, it is likely to be ignored.

The final verdict: ReBid Provides All of the Above

ReBid is a marketing and advertising automation system that utilizes MadTech (MarTech and AdTech) to increase return on ad spend for marketers and agencies. ReBid is unquestionably your one-stop shop for an all-in-one marketing and advertising automation platform. With their suite of products that unify, simplify, and centralize your marketing and advertising operations, you can now easily obtain complete unified digital media buying capabilities in one platform, enabling marketing and advertising automation. With the assistance of ReBid, you will be able to see a 40% increase in savings and a 30% increase in ROAS.

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