Who Will Bell the CAT in Digital Advertising?

Who Will Bell the CAT in Digital Advertising?

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Who Will Bell the CAT in Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising has been around for almost two decades now. What started with simple banner and text ads in the early 2000s has now evolved to a multichannel, multiplatform, and even multiverse adventure.

But there are three major challenges with digital advertising today that every brand and marketer wants to solve. These are – COMPLEXITY, ADDRESSABILITY and TRANSPARENCY. Or what we call CAT in short?

ReBid Buy To Address Complexity

Today, digital ad platforms are divided into Walled Gardens and Open Web. Usually, spending is split between the major Walled Gardens and the Open Web. The Open Web is further divided into large and small DSPs or Demand Side Platforms.

There are more than 10 walled gardens in the digital ad ecosystem. These are Google, Facebook (now Meta), Linkedin, Twitter, Amazon, Snap, Tiktok, Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest. And, there are more than 10 large DSPs of significance, such as DV360, Tradedesk, MediaMath, Xandr, Criteo, Zemanta, Yahoo, Amobee, IPinyou among others.

Digital Advertising is more than Search + Social

Clearly, gone are the days where digital advertising would end on search and social ads. Now, there is search, display, social, in app, CTV, DOOH, audio, native and VR Ads too!

The combination of platforms, formats, geos and channels makes digital advertising a very complex exercise. Add to that the need for a specialist for each type of digital advertising like search or social or programmatic specialist. The dearth of specialist talent further complicates the digital advertising operational ecosystem.

Digital Advertising to cross 1 trillion dollars

Add to this the fact that digital advertising is more than 50% of all forms of advertising. This number will cross 1 trillion dollars by 2027. This means it will add 600B dollars in new market share from the current 455B dollars in just 6 years.

So, one can only imagine the explosion of formats, channels, platforms and other aspects when such a huge growth is expected in such a short time. My bet is that the complexity is only going to grow. The biggest opportunity in the advertising and marketing domain is in solving for this complexity.

This is the very opportunity we are looking to solve with our product ReBid Buy. Our madtech stack aggregates all the walled gardens and DSPs to provide a simple, efficient and scalable way to reach 98% of a digital inventory globally.

ReBid Insights To Counter Addressability

The second issue with digital ads is that of addressability. Addressability is a huge challenge. Till date, the digital ad world worked on the basis of third-party cookies. It means who you are while browsing the web and mobile was shared by each of the publishers or ad partners with the use of cookies. But with cookie crumbling by December 2023, it is apparent that addressability becomes that much tougher at least for the Open Web players.

First-party data comes into focus. Today, many brands across the world need to get their act together in not only collecting first-party data but also, activating it in a seamless manner.

So, given this move towards privacy by big players like Google and Apple, first-party data and the need to manage first-party data and connect it to ad data has become an imperative for most marketers.

CDP or customer data platform is becoming the need of the hour. This is the very opportunity we are looking to solve with our product ReBid Insights. ReBid Insights is a marketing CDP designed to solve for addressability across the advertising and marketing value chain.

ReBid Desk For Enhanced Transparency

Are you wasting your ad dollars but not sure where? The programmatic ecosystem is so complex that one cannot pinpoint where the money has gone. Even Google only recently admitted how much its own fees are for DV360 platforms. Marketers have been demanding more transparency across the ecosystem, be it with agencies or ad tech players.

This issue has led to many marketers in the US to join the trend of programmatic inhousing. This has made in-housing a trending topic across the world. But it is not as easy as it seems.

Only the very large brands can bear the cost of technology and talent costs for in-housing. Our product ReBid Desk solves this challenge. ReBid Desk is customized for supply and AI models. We can also deliver it in a SaaS model or as an In-house DSP working on your cloud.

In conclusion

As you can see, belling the CAT is the big challenge of the decade in digital advertising. We at ReBid are betting our money and time in doing this. How are you belling the CAT? Do let us know.

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